Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Madonna-Ritchie Divorce Scandal

There is not any person in the world who doesn’t know Madonna I’m sure! But there is not any moment in her life, which is not known and discussed by everyone in the world, too. Isn’t it a fucking lifestyle? I mean that people around you and far away from you speak about how often you have fucked with your husband during your marriage or who and when visited you last night? May be top celebrities like to be at the centre of sexy scandals and watch hot news about their own sexy stolen photos?? I don’t think so! But may b I’m wrong ;).
Let’s speak about Madonna, famous film director Guy Ritchie and their marriage which lasted eight years and ended in October 2008
Exactly amidst rumours of infidelity they got divorced. The famous US magazine published the article about Alex Rodriguez was making late-night visits to Madonna's New York house this summer. Of course he denied any sexual relationships with Madonna except being close friends. But according to common gossip Rodriguez got divorced from his wife Cynthia almost after Madonna-Ritchie scandal.

David Duchovny's Sex Addiction

I’m sure you know that David Duchovny starts as a sex-crazed writer. In an ironic case of art mimicking life, David Duchovny, checked into rehab for sex addiction.
Yes, it’s not a bad dream, you are not sleeping! I mean sex addiction! May be it’s new form of method acting, may be, who knows? The addiction may be taken as an explanation that Duchovny has involved with a lot of gorgeous women before he married his wife Tea Leoni in 1997. And it doesn’t matter that they are presently divorced. It’s obvious that that fact that Duchovny was stinted in rehab hasn't caused any troubles around his reputation. To tell the truth Duhovny is very popular among women and it is not caused by his celebrity reputation ;).

Hollywood Top Scandal number 2 - Turks and Caicos Islands : about Fun, about Sun, & about Fisticuffs

Tourists enjoy islands' beaches, resorts and sun and fun, but the celebrities can manage more!) They are some kind of other people))). Scandal celebrities are able to create open scandals everywhere. Or may be others help them in order to publish gossip news, sexy provoking photos (the home made or stolen ones it doesn’t matter for reporters:). In any case scandal celebrities do all the possible things to move the audience!)
For example the scandal troubles began in April of 2008. It happened with the First Lady of the islands, LisaRaye McCoy-Misick and her husband, Chief Prime Minister Michael Misick. Their hot love story was like a fairytale may be a little bit the sexy one but it was a fairytale! Ugly details began to appear only later. It was one of the top celebrity public scandals of 2008.
But this story is not over yet, some sordid details came out. And at the centre of scandal troubles came other hot celebrity rumors of financial corruption.